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Hi, My name is Replicåh. 

I'm a time traveler and post human, born in the year 3084. 

As a digital artist, I compose, write and produce my music, sing and combine my skills in visual design, videography and photography

to a whole art concept. The Future is now.  


Uh la la: It’s me - I was born as Sabrina Tanja Bühlmann in Switzerland.  

I’m a multi-award winning audio & visual artist, hyper creative mind and bubbling idea-machine.


I’m best known for my complex and intricate works of art in music, video or visual art.  


I've been playing the piano since I was a child, my great love is my black grand piano. Actually I have a deep relationship with all instruments,

all kinds of gear - basically everything that lets me live out my inexhaustible creativity.


My talent to create whole worlds - even universes - not only acoustically but also visually led me here. 

I work since 17 years in the fields of creative direction, videography, photography and music composing. I realized numerous advertising campaigns and produced over 500 videos in my career (over 51M views on YouTube) for national and international brands – and won awards for my works in photography, film and music

(Los Angeles Film Award «best director» for KINETIC LOVE, International Portrait Photo Award, Gold Sales Award in Germany for over 100'000 copies, Audio Shoot International Music Video & Film Festival etc.) and many more).

I was booked as the main act for UEFA Champions League festival in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. 

Currently i’m producing new Music and Art for my REPLICAH project.


I'm also mixing music with my DJ Duo Project ABOUT:BLANK. We are making a name in the underground Techno and regional Burning Man Community.  

I’m Founder and Co-CEO of a Tech Startup building an empire that fosters creativity.

Next to that i’m always supporting other artist in their development and creativity.

So my online courses will soon be ready.

Welcome to my world. 

much love RE

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